Alltah 6 yrs ADOPTED

Alltah 6 yrs ADOPTED

Alltah, a 6 year old spayed female, has just joined the GRRR family.  She came to us from a loving home where she enjoyed walks on leash, learned several commands and relished car rides.  Alltah also loves attention and ran into difficulty sharing attention and accepting life with young children and another dog in the family.  Perhaps she would be best suited to a home where attention is just for her.

A medium size Golden, Alltah also comes with a special challenge in life.  She is diabetic and needs a shot of insulin every 12 hours.  While this may sound a bit daunting, the actual shot is more of a “prick“ given in the upper back/shoulder area while the dog is eating.  It typically goes unnoticed by the patient!  Of course, GRRR will help Alltah’s new family get started on this lifelong program.

Dogs with diabetes can live full and normal lives.  Alltah has had her check-up, is current on her shots and has a veterinary seal of approval that she is in great shape and very healthy. The good news (for a new owner and for Alltah!) is the cost of caring for a diabetic pup is about a dollar a day with the cost of insulin, needles, test strips and special food...not too bad for someone getting a dog as special as Alltah!

Now this affectionate girl needs a new home where she can give all her love and devotion and receive all your love and devotion . . . and maybe even sleep on your bed, if invited.

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