Seavers 11 yrs ADOPTED

Seavers 11 yrs ADOPTED

Look out! Here comes a golden cuddler!

Seavers is an 11 year old full bred Golden Retriever. He was delivered to GRRR with his AKC paperwork and this regal boy shows his heritage.  His original owner died and he lived with owner’s girlfriend for two years.  She has recently moved and couldn’t take him with her so she and the original owner’s brother arranged for him to come to GRRR. He has found a loving place to be. We are glad these responsible pet owners found us.

He was seen by GRRR’s veterinary hospital partner (Arvada West) and has had a few tumors removed – one being cancerous so he will need to be checked out periodically for the rest of his life to make sure it doesn’t reoccur.

He is vocal and likes to be where the action is! You have a home that needs an interactive dog…right? As we said, he is very affectionate- add to that he is equally good with humans and dogs.

Come take him home.

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